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Anonymous: do you have any tips on taking care of and cleaning white shoes? :)

prevention !! yellowing rubber soles is basically unavoidable because it’s caused by oxidisation, so if you wanna get serious i’d ziplock your white shoesies when you’re not wearing them then. after each wear wipe over with a gentle makeup remover/cleansing towelette. nail polish remover is also great for removing stubborn dark marks

Anonymous: how tall r u?

you didn’t follow my rule above the ask box

Anonymous: Hello ! Do you have some advice for dressing for very cold weather, without looking like a balloon ? Thank you :)

honestly…….. if you wanna wear a particular look, sometimes u just gotta be a little chilly.

or - do some research on the thinnest warmest jackets to minimise balloon style. my mum’s ski jacket is like thinner than all of our’s but also way warmer so i know they exist, you just gotta look in the right places! they might not be fashun styles but at least you can wear less layers