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intravenous pixie

Macoto takahashi

art by He Jiaying
Anonymous: Hi <3 I realized from your asks thay we're exactly the same height. I try to avoid wearing shoes that might make me look taller because I already feel too tall when I go out. I was wondering how you feel about your height and heels and platforms?

i used to be concerned about looking too tall but now i just wear w/e shoes i like as long as they’re comfortable because i realised a) i’m not letting height stop me from wearing shoes i like and b) being tall is actually great !! being taller than most other people is fun Lol. the only hard part is mega tall platforms & flatforms mean if we trip we have a lot further to fall so for safety those kinds of shoes don’t appeal to me much anyway

Lana Del Rey for Fashion Magazine (HQ)
I should wake up at 5:30am more often