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Anonymous: how are you so brave as to wear short mini skirts and stuff to school? especially with bare legs. i adore your style to death but i could never do that where i live (sweden). people would straight up harass me. i'd be so scared at people looking up my skirt or touching me. and when i sit down in short skirt they kinda hike up so people stare. do you ever experience that? how are you so brave?? <33

i’ve never experienced harassment as the culture is different here i suppose, but i wear fitted black bike shorts underneath my mini skirts for most occasions - it allows me to move more freely! i even have a pair i bought in japan that are intended for wear under school uniform skirts. you’ll find that they help stop your skirts from spinning around and riding up on your waist too. some skirts and dresses of mine are so short (#tallgirlproblems) that i make the shorts show as part of the look. 


Yurina, Shiori, Yukari, Miho
 by Monika Mogi