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intravenous pixie

"Fall’s Best Option" - Harper’s Bazaar US August 2014

Hélène Desmettre styled by Anna Katsanis and photographed by Lara Jade for Hong Kong Tatler
Anonymous: Hi - I love your nails, <3 <3 mine are really short and wont grow that long. Just wondering what fake nails you would suggest me asking for from the nail salon?

thanks! i’m not sure i’ve never worn fake nails. maybe just ask for nail tip extensions with gel over the top. definitely avoid acrylic!

Anonymous: I saw that you once had bangs and I was wondering how long it took you to grow yours out? Your hair is basically my goal for when my bangs grow out but right now they're absolutely fussy to deal with in this awkward in between stage. What did you do during the growing-out process?

it took me about 6 months for it to be long enough to easily tuck behind my ear without hair pins. while it was growing out i wore it as a side fringe and then moved onto pinning it to the side, sometimes under my longer hair.